Upside Down World • Bolivia: Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution? • 31/05/2013

Bolivia: Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution? Written by Bret Gustafson    / Friday, 31 May 2013 11:23 Originally printed in NACLA Report on the Americas in NACLA's Spring 2013 issue, Volume 046, Issue 1: "The Climate Debt: Who Profits, Who Pays?" The political victories of anti-neoliberal movements and regimes have opened a new chapter in Latin American history, yet the embrace of extractive industries has generated deep paradoxes for those committed to addressing inequality and the crisis of nature. Leaders and movements speak of revolutions—Venezuela’s “Bolivarian” revolution, Bolivia’s “democratic and cultural” revolution, and Ecuador’s “citizens’ revolution”—and governments have indeed taken steps to...

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