An analysis of Bolivia’s National Agricultural Census 2013


The importance of salaried work in agricultural production

Unlike population censuses and household surveys, which only take into account a short specific period of time (a week or a month in the year) when collecting information on economic activities, the National Agricultural Census 2013 has gathered data on the entirety of the agricultural year (from July 2012 to June 2013), namely on the total number of workers who perform salaried and non-salaried work in agricultural production units.

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Territorial expansion of capitalist production relations in the agricultural sector

Up until the mid 70s, capitalist agriculture used to be confined almost exclusively to the plains (eastern Bolivia), where further consolidation of capitalism in agriculture extended well into the 90s; however, from those years on, capitalist production relations managed to expand its presence into the valleys (central Bolivia) and plateaus (western Bolivia) of the country. The data collected by the National Agricultural Census 2013 (recently published by the National Institute of Statistics of Bolivia) do nothing but confirm these tendencies.

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